How Cub Scouting Works

Scouting is Family Oriented

  • Activities are intended for the whole family.
  • You work with your Scout on their various activities, achievements and award requirements.
  • Many skills your Scout will learn are family oriented.


Your Scout is a member of a Cub Scout Den

  • The Den meets twice a month.
  • The Den is led by a Den Leader (parent volunteer).
  • The Den Leader is usually assisted by an Assistant Den Leader (parent volunteer).
  • Den meetings have games, crafts, songs, ceremonies and lots of fun. Most of all Den meetings are geared toward learning a new core value each month.


Your Scout is a member of the Cub Scout Pack

  • The Pack consists of all the Dens and other Leaders. The Pack meets once a month – all Cub Scout families are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • The Cubmaster and Asst. Cubmasters lead the monthly Pack meeting.
  • The Pack meeting is the climax of the month’s den meetings and activities.
  • Pack meetings have games, skits, stunts, songs, ceremonies and presentations of awards that they boys have earned that month.


The Pack is run by a Pack Committee (Group of Parent Volunteers)

The Committee is made up of a Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, Treasurer, Cubmaster, Outdoor Chair, Advancement Chair and many other positions. Most of these leaders are parents of Scouts in the pack. All leaders and interested parents are encouraged to attend.

  • The Committee meets once a month.
  • The Committee plans den and pack meetings around the monthly theme (core value).
  • The Committee selects leaders, performs record keeping, manages pack finances, orders awards, maintains pack equipment, helps train leaders, and recognizes.


The pack is owned by a Chartering Organization

  • Charter organizations can include education centers, parent associations, religious organizations, service clubs, and other groups interested in youth.
  • The Chartered Organization approves leaders, provides a meeting place, and operates the pack within the guidelines and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • The Chartered Organization selects a Chartered Organization Representative who serves as a liaison between the Pack and the Organization. The Chartered Organization appoints and approves of the adult leadership group that leads the pack.
  • Our Chartering Organization is the Whittier Elementary School PTA.


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